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Cultured Pearls
For: kids 7 To 13 years age group

I Appearance

  • Building confidence with a correct posture
  • Learn to sit, stand and walk the correct way
  • learn the importance of eye contact and facial expressions
  • Personal hygiene
  • Importance of cleanliness

II Social Etiquette

  • Learn to meet and greet
  • Learn to handshake the correct way
  • Meeting new people
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Toilet etiquette
  • Queue etiquette

III Self Awareness

  • Discover your special interests and your values
  • Learn good and bad touch
  • Learn to respect opposite gender
  • Do not fear peer pressure-find out your true friends

IV Communication Skills

  • Learn joining a group
  • Learn to getting to know others in a group
  • Communicate your feelings with teachers/parents/friends
  • Giving and receiving compliments

V Table Manners

  • Learn to behave at the dining table
  • Learn to hold and use the fork and knife the correct way
  • Discover table napkin, eating bread, soup etiquette
  • Dining Experience
  • Learn Restaurant manners with role play activities

Course Duration:

8 days (2 hours per day)

Online sessions available

Course schedule and timings:

we offer 3 time slots: 11am to 1pm/ 3pm to 5pm / 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The time slots can be chosen as per your convenience and our availability

Courses Offered

Deportment is about having elegance, grace, poise and high self-esteem. A confidence is emitted from the way you stand, walk and sit. It can also help you look youthful and vibrant. This is what learning about deportment and confidence can do for you. You too can signal clearly that your expectations for yourself are high, and so they should be.

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