The Elegant Touch
For: Young Ladies (18 years & above)

I Poise, Posture and Confidence Building

  • How to overcome your inhibitions and your shyness
  • How to develop the art of positive body language and gain an impressive personality
  • Learn how to sit,stand, walk and cross one’s legs gracefully, how to elegantly enter and exit a car and how to carry one’s handbag stylishly
  • Suitable hand and facial gestures for a lady
  • Understanding different cultures

II Style Sense

  • Understanding elegant colour choices and combinations
  • Learning to wear complementary colours (finding shades to suit one’s skin tone)
  • Discovering different types of necklines and cuts to fit and flatter one’s body type
  • Knowing the art of accessorising with shoes, bags, jewellery, etc.

III Personal Hygiene

  • How to identify one’s skin and hair type and to learn to take care of them well
  • Expert and personalised counsel on various aspects of personal hygiene

IV Social Etiquette

  • Master the art of meeting and greeting people
  • Learn the protocol behind social introductions
  • Learn table setting and napkin folding
  • Table manners

V Party Etiquette

  • The dos and don'ts for a hostess and a party guest
  • Restaurant manners

VI Dining Tutorial (Luncheon)

  • Practical knowledge sessions on luncheon to know the correct use of flatware and glassware
  • Learn to navigate the Continental and American styles of eating
Finishing School for girls

VII Make-Up Tutorial – 1 & 2

  • A personalised shopping expedition to help the lady understand the appropriate make-up and cosmetics for her skin type. A demonstration of suitable day (office) and evening make-up looks.

VIII Hair Styling

  • A demonstration on the different types of hairstyles and grooming techniques that will suit the lady

IX Food and Fitness

  • Understanding the importance of being healthy and fit
  • Learning the fitness formula to suit one’s body type
  • A personalised balanced and nutritious diet plan

X The Art of Conversation

  • Communication skills
  • Topics to avoid
  • The art of small talk

XI Graduation and Certification

10 sessions (2 hours each day)
Course take away:
Course Modules

Current WorkShops

"The Power of Personality" – We are glad to announce that our fresh batch of the workshop 'The Power of Personality', for ladies, starts from the 27th of January, 2016.

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Mastering the correct art of better posture can have a profoundly positive effect on all aspects of your life. If you show the world that you expect great things, you are more likely to receive them.