Shine and Sparkle
For: Specialized for young men and women (age 15+)


I Body language

II Personal hygiene and grooming

III Social etiquette

IV Table manners and restaurant etiquette

V Public speaking

VI Art of small talk

VII Communication skills

VIII Learning to appear for an interview

IX Self management

X Makeup and hair for ladies

XI Styling consultation/wardrobe management /personal shopping

XII Food and nutrition

Course Duration:

Each course can be customized as per the request and requirements, hence the duration depends on the number of modules selected. Each session is up to 2 hours.

Course schedule and timings:

we offer 3 time slots: 11am to 1pm/ 3pm to 5pm / 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The time slots can be chosen as per your convenience and our availability

Courses Offered

Minding your manners can create an impressive impact at any social occasion and mastering it at an early age can groom you into a cultured human being.