Shine and Sparkle
For: Pre teens and teenagers

I Body Language

  • Enhancing confidence with good posture and walk
  • Teaching correct facial expressions and hand gestures
  • Guiding basic body language
  • Personal manners, including respecting others and maintaining personal space

II Social Etiquette

  • How to do introductions and introduce yourself
  • Permitted behaviour in common social situations
  • Telephone etiquette

III Table Manners

  • Dining-table etiquette (including table manners and place settings)
  • Chopstick etiquette
  • The art of conversation
Dining etiquette training

IV Style Guidance & Personal Hygiene

  • A guide to wear appropriate attire for different ocassions
  • Learn to wear the perfect colour combination
  • Learn to take care of your body, skin and hair

V Basic Culinary Skills

  • Essential and simple cooking

VI Luncheon

A practical luncheon will be conducted with the Founder being the hostess. Proper dining etiquette and table manners, including napkin manners and how to eat food with appropriate cutlery (forks, knives) will be taught and practised.

VII Graduation & Certification

5 sessions (1.5 hours each day)
Course take away:
Course Modules

Current WorkShops

"The Power of Personality" – We are glad to announce that our fresh batch of the workshop 'The Power of Personality', for ladies, starts from the 27th of January, 2016.

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Minding your manners can create an impressive impact at any social occasion and mastering it at an early age can groom you into a cultured human being.