Confianza At Your Convenience

Course Schedule: We at Confianza aspire to provide the course only in a comfortable space and suitable time for you. Hence please contact us with your interest and we shall schedule the course as per your convenience.

Duration: Each module will be tailored as per the request and requirements of the students and the availability and schedule of Confianza. You can also choose the modules as per your liking.

Our Courses: Courses have been designed to help people of all ages to make the most of themselves. The techniques taught at Confianza can help you improve your confidence to strengthen relationships. Our classes also help you to understand these incredibly important life skills that can give confidence to face any social occasion. Therefore, classes are aimed at individuals who enjoy entertaining and wish to become more poised and polished. All courses will be conducted by the founder Sugandha Mital using course content developed by her especially for Confianza.

Course Modules

Sugandha Mital does a spectacular job of transferring her passion for etiquette and instilling it into the hearts and minds of every audience she is able to work with