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Finishing school
The Elegant Touch

A thoughtfully tailored course to help young ladies (18 years & above) succeed. With expert advice on deportment, conversation, style, dining and much more.

Shine and Sparkle

A specially put-together course for young girls and boys (ages 10–17) with an introduction to body language, a class on social etiquette (including telephone etiquette!), table manners, hygiene, dressing and more.

Dazzle Forever

Our exclusive module for BRIDES focuses on the essential qualities of an elegant lady of the house – poise and deportment, style sense (with a special trousseau created for her), social etiquette, table manners, make-up and hair tutorials and much more...

Perfectly Polished

Gentlemen and bridegrooms can cut a dashing figure with expert tips on ‘meet and greet’ for business, power dressing, fitness and food, dining, body language and confidence.

Cultured Pearls

For mature ladies (50 years & above), this course includes advice on style and dressing, make-up and fitness, confidence building, deportment, the art of fine dining and good conversation.